SW MERP – Full Service Facilities Maintenance


PREM Group’s full service facilities management division will keep your commercial or residential building running like a well oiled machine.  SW MERP is comprised of union-trained engineers (Local 701) who maintain some of the most sophisticated building systems in the Northwest.













Maintenance Types

SW MERP offers a comprehensive range of facility maintenance services which include routine, preventive and corrective maintenance. Our Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) streamlines service and maintenance operations by coordinating real-time information flow between all involved in the service delivery process: customers, service and dispatch agents, technicians and vendors, and management. Our preventive and predictive maintenance programs are designed to extend the service life of building systems. Manufacturers quantify the design life of a component by its useful operating hours before their operational economic failure. Likewise a system’s operational reliability is enhanced though our comprehensive approach to service programs. These long-term programs are designed to maximize system durability and reliability while minimizing operating expenses. Our scope of services, customized for each facility, includes:

•    24/7 Call Center, Dispatch and Scheduling •    Purchasing Management (procurement & Contract) •    Facility Inspection & Audit •    Systems Evaluations •    Equipment Commissioning •    Routine Maintenance •    Preventive Maintenance.

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Service Model

We use an on-demand service model finding it provides the highest quality of service and is the most cost-effective. Rather than have a maintenance person sitting on site waiting for something to happen, we balance the workload over a larger number of properties. The benefits of this on-demand system are:

  • You only pay for the time used.
  • It is easier to allocate and invoice “resident-specific” work orders. This way we do not cloud the common area expenses with costs that the resident/tenant should pay for directly.
  • This provides a higher level of accountability per employee and reduces the potential for a duplication of effort.
  • We can reduce the need for on-site staff because we have additional qualified staff available to assist with time-off requests, large projects and emergency response situations.
  • The HOA has no responsibility to cover unplanned absences or vacations.
  • You pay only for the appropriate skill set required to handle the task. In other words, you do not pay a $32/hour employee to do a job that a $15/hour employee should do.
  • We can spread the responsibility of after-hours coverage across a far greater pool of qualified employees. This provides better coverage and less reliance on one or two employees.