Larry Jackson, Jr., General Manager

Larry Jackson, Jr., General Manager

Larry is the General Manager for PREM. The focus of his duties include procurement of PREM’s Outreach program, grooming, training and qualifying MWESB companies for contract services, diversity coordinator and assisting in  PREM’s real estate development.

Larry is a member of the National Institute of Financial Education, a certified liability advisor and has been on both the asset and the liability side of financial advising for over 19 years. Larry has a passion for establishing relationships that provide leverage for others with the hopes that everyone in the community can benefit.

Larry’s education and passion paved the way for him to manage the personal/financial lives of professional athletes in the NBA and NFL for the majority of the 1990’s. Larry is the co-author of Borrow Smart Retire Rich. Larry demonstrates to his clients how systems, automation and mindset alone can determine a successful path to managing time, relationships and money, ultimately achieving their ideal lifestyle.

Education / Professional Licensing

Mr. Jackson attended Oregon State University on a full scholarship, majoring in Finance and Marketing. Larry earned his CFP in 1993.

Larry holds an Oregon Mortgage Loan Officer license and is both a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist and a Certified Liability Advisor.