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Professional Certification – CMCA, B Corporations and MBE

It’s getting more competitive in every market, this we know.  The combination of increased pressure to succeed coupled with only the strongest of competitors remaining in any given market has created a demand that businesses perform better than ever.  Add to this pressure the advances in technology which, have resulted in more complex systems and we now have every reason for businesses to gain the additional insights and benefits that come with professional certifications.

As a real estate management firm, we are responsible for the success of the communities we manage; we take great pride in their successes.  Success in real estate is demonstrated not only by building condition, systems performance and maintenance of the surrounding grounds – but quite possibly most important, success is found in the tenant experience.  To achieve the positive tenant or resident experience, the firm managing this precious real estate must be armed with the most professional and knowledgeable staff available.

One of the most important certifications the professionals in our firm hold is that of the CMCA (Certified Manager of Community Associations).  Because our portfolio includes some of the most valuable and complex real estate in the region, it is essential that our team provides superior service to all parties from property owner to HOA board to tenant or resident and is given adequate training to deliver that service consistently.

CMCA certification states that a real estate professional has the understanding to effectively perform on the owner or HOA’s behalf in the following areas:

  • Governance and legal matters
  • Budgets, reserves, investments, and assessments
  • Risk management and insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Contracting
  • Meetings management
  • Human resource management

While this certification is not mandatory in the field of property management, we feel it is an essential piece to being assured our team is providing the service we’ve become known for.  Holding certification that is not required in a given field can obviously also extend an advantage over other competing firms as a certificate holder will have more advanced knowledge and skills along with networking and resource availability.  Being a part of the larger community of fellow certificate holders usually means info sharing of the most current processes and technologies, therefore increasing the efficiency and quality of service provided to the client.

Knowledge is an incredible tool and certification is just one way of providing some form of measurement and assurance that such knowledge is available to your clients.

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